3 Stylish Ways To Wear Women Boots In Summer

During winter, one of the first things to make an appearance is boots regardless of gender. The thought of frosty toes and the icy cold weather is enough to even invest in half a dozen boots or so. This, however, seems like a major waste as you have all these fantastic shoes that you only get to wear 3 months in a year and then store and place them aside for 9 whole months till they are needed again. If you are a little put off by this, then you got to have thought of a way to wear your boots throughout the year. Compiled are simple and fun ways to wear heel boots for women that will make sure you rock them during summer,

heel boots for women

With shorts

If you have great legs and like to show them off, one way to do this is to always go short. Dress shirts, baggy tanks, and the likes are always a great way to do this. However, if an event calls for a less skin showing but you still want to show off your legs, leggings are a way to go. To give your look the oomph factor, pair them up with a pair of heel boots for women and go live largely.

heel boots for women

With dresses or skirts

Believe it or not, another way to wear heel boots for women and still look like a fashionista is to actually wear them with dresses or skirts. Forget the old day myths that they can’t be paired up and take a chance. To ensure that you don’t get a mummified square look, keep in check the skin balance when choosing what to wear. This simply means if the dress is short, choose longer boots and go with boots on long dresses.

heel boots for women

Skinny jeans

Not every woman looks good in boyfriend jeans, mum jeans, and the likes. Not every woman wants to walk around with two sizes too big jeans hanging off her. If you are a woman who wants to keep covered but still show off your curves then skinny jeans are for you, Gods answer to all those women who abhorred hipsters ad mum jeans of any kind. During summer, invest in a light pair of heel boots for women and get a move on as they are perfect for long night and early errands run.

heel boots for women

In all, don’t just stick to the rules above when pairing what to wear with what. Regardless if it’s cut off shorts, rompers or short skirts remember you are queen and whatever you choose goes. At the end wearing boots will not only make you look great but you will feel great and still get to wear your trusted lovey boots.


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