Banggood Cyber Monday Sale 2019: Crazy Discounts Never End

Black Friday has just passed by, and now the following event will be Cyber Monday. All the online shopping providers are ready to continue offering you another big shopping carnival, with another wave of big discounts. Banggood is one of the most important International e-commerce retailers of China and is going to launch a big promotion for Cyber Monday 2019. They will be offering you a bunch of big discounts which are much more enticing than the Black Friday Sale which means you can see some real bargains in the Banggood Cyber Monday Sale 2019. The Sale will begin from 30th November to 7th December. There is only one day away from this big sale. So do not hesitate and join us now to satisfy all of your shopping fantasies.

Banggood Cyber Monday Sale 2019

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a detailed shopping guide for you so that you can catch the biggest discounts to buy your desired items for only pennies. Now let me unveil them for you.

Banggood Cyber Monday Sale 2019 will feature waves of mouth-watering discounts and coupons. The first time you enter the page, you should not miss the 10% off site-wide coupons with which you can buy anything in the sale. More than that, during the sale you can not only shop for what you want with a big discount but you will also be lucky enough to get a gift. Just a quick note, the gifts are offered by Banggood partner brands like Xiaomi, Eachine, and Bakeey. For example you may get an Eachine E58 WIFI FPV Drone (valued at $69.99), Bakeey GT105 smart wristband (valued at$46.99 ), Original Aqara Smart Home Temperature & Humidity Sensor (valued at $20.99) or Drillpro Steel Drill Bit Set (valued at $33.91). Just to let you know that the gifts will be offered from day to day and there is a limit in the amount of each gift. Once the gifts are finished, the gifting activity will end. For more information about it, please check here.

Also more for your benefit, a big activity for snap up will be available. The activity will include $0.1 snap up, $11.1 snap up and $21.1 snap up and it will showcase a series of best-valued products that you can buy with a snap-up price. For example

BlitzWolf® BW-FYE8 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone which comes with a graphene diaphragm and dual dynamic drivers that allow you to enjoy full range acoustics and high fidelity stereo. It is a new arrival valued at $55 but it will be offered you for only $0.1 during the Sale.

XANES® 1282 XHP70 LED Flashlight comes with three LED light modes including strong light, weak light and SOS, satisfying your needs on many occasions. During the Cyber Monday Sale a big discount to buy it for only $11.1 will be available to you.

Eachine EV800DM Goggles come with a built-in super HD DVR of up to 720*576px resolution that provides you with the best viewing experience as well as 3.8 V 2000mAh battery that allows you to play for 2.2hours is usually sold at $85.99 during normal times but it will be offered for only $21.1 in the snap up activity.

Besides them, there are much more wonderful products available in the activity. Want more about them, please check here.

The Top 10 sellers of Banggood Black Friday Sale

Do you want a cheaper discount to buy the best products? If you do, the top 10 sellers of Banggood Black Friday Sale is one of the best deals not to miss. Banggood Cyber Monday Sale will unveil the top 10 sellers of the Black Friday Event to allow you to make more savings. Here you will see hot-sale products that will be given a bigger discount than Black Friday Sale. For example,

Xiaomi FIMI X8 is a folding drone with an impressive 4K camera, promising you the best shooting quality. Due to its professional performance in every aspect and the great discount, it is very popular in the Black Friday Sale. Now unexpectedly, it is sold for only $409.99 which is $90 cheaper than that in the Black Friday Sale.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone comes with a 64MP quad-camera that can deliver high-resolution photos for up to 3.26 tall poster printer and a long-lasting battery of 4500mAh which can supports up 10 hours gaming with a full charge. Such an amazing smartphone is only sold at $299 and undoubtedly it was included in the top 10 list. And here comes good news that on the Cyber Monday Sale you can buy it for only $409.99 so do not miss out on this amazing device.

Xiaomi Enchen Black Stone 3D Electric Shaver comes with 3D floating cutter heads which add one-third more shaving area than a normal double-head razor to accommodate different face contours. During the Black Friday it is sold at only $16.99 but now it is only $11.99 after a much bigger discount.

18V 520N.M Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench comes with the superpower, high hardness and wear resistance, which can satisfy you with the best user experience. On the Cyber Monday Sale, it is sold at only $28.99.

According to what I mentioned above, you may be amazed at them. Want more about the list, please check here.

Lucky Bag 

Bring more luck home by going to Banggood and get your Lucky Bag! From November 20th to December 6th, Banggood will feature a Lucky Bag offer which will give you the opportunity to get the hottest products of the year for a super low price. In the lucky bag, there will be two or three of the hottest products of the year. For example, you may be lucky to get Teclast M30 X27 Tablet, Skyzone SKY03O Oled FPV Goggles, EMAX Tinyhawk FPV RC Drone or any other best-valued products. It is worth to note that the price of the lucky bag will be much lower than the value of goods in the lucky bag so buying a lucky bag will not only prepare a surprise for yourself but also get the best deal for yourself too. Also after you buy the lucky bag,  two rounds of a lucky draw will be available for you to win a 10% off site-wide coupon. However, here I have to remind you that you will be able not see what is inside the lucky bag until you receive it, but luckily a small tip is that you can guess what you get through the page for the lucky bag before buying so you do not need to worry that you will get something that you do not like. All Lucky Bag sales are final, so they’re not eligible for refunds, returns, or exchanges. For more about the lucky bag, please check here.

One Cent Snatch 

I think no one will reject to get a high-value product with only one cent. Here comes good news that the Cyber Monday Sale will feature upgrading to One Cent Snatch  has finished upgrading early on November 24th. Because of the upgrading there will be a great increase in the number of prizes which means it is more likely to get a bigger prize than ever before, it is worth to note that the prizes offered during the Cyber Monday Sale will be much more abundant than that offered in any past big sales. For example, Xiaomi Mi A3 Smartphone, Xiaomi Mi Band 4, Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Sink Faucet, BlitzWolf® AIRAUX AA-UM2 TWS earbuds will be available. Not to mention, there will be many more amazing products. Just to remind you that the upgrading one cent snatch will come in the same way to participate as before. That is to say, you can still participate in the game by simply completing payment for an order. And after that, a prompt will be displayed to invite a friend; follow the prompt and invite a friend. If your friend joins the game through the shared link and completes the payment of an order before the countdown stops, your team will be eligible to participate in the game. For more detailed rules about the game, please check here.

Xmas Gift Guide 2019

Christmas Day is coming soon. Have you prepared the gifts for your families and friends? The Banggood Cyber Monday Sale will be a good chance for you to buy the gifts for the coming Christmas. To make it easy for you, we have prepared the best buy gifts list based on your need. So if you are still puzzled at what is the best gift, do not miss it. More importantly, all the products offered on the list will come at a great discounted price. The deepest discount will hit 75% off. So here you can not only buy the gifts you want but you can also get more savings. And more than that, here if you place an order which amounts to $49 or more, you will be given a chance to get a gift. To our surprise, it is the PUPPYOO WP615 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner( is valued at $139.99)that will be a gift for you. So dot not miss it.

Besides, during Cyber Monday, you can not only place an order with a big discount, but you can also receive the product in 7 days. That may be the great new year for those who are hurried about their package or who want to give a gift to her or his friends. However, to remind you warmly, 7 days to reach is only applied to the products of the oversea warehouse. For example, Blitzwolf® BW-FYE7 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone, Xiaomi Mijia IP Camera and Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Sense Sink Faucet are available. Besides them, there are many more products that can go arrive in 7 days. For more about them, please check here.

Banggood Cyber Monday Sale has been all ready to go to give you the biggest promotion for you, encompassing a series of big discounts that are much more month-watering than ever before. Now the countdown to the Cyber Monday has begun and there is only one day left. Do not miss it. It will be not only the massive opportunity for you to bring all of your shopping fantasies into reality but also it will the best time for you to prepare Christmas gifts for your families or friends. And to repeat, it is on November 30th that the Banggood Cyber Monday Sale 2019. Now check here to know more.

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