Be Stylish and Practical on Your Travels With the Right Fanny Pack

When it comes to combing travel, practicality and style, it’s not always an easy balance to strike. As a tourist in a new city, state or country, you need to know you can safely carry the things you need, like money, phone and even your passport, without making yourself an easy target for thieves.

Bullcaptain Fanny Pack

Now thanks to a stylish, designer make-over, a former option that was once ridiculed has been deemed suitable and fashionable to wear. The fanny pack, known as a bum bag or belt pouch, has been around since the 1980s. While older travellers were easily convinced by how small and easy-to-wear they were, others scoffed that this useful item was the bargain bins.

But that’s no longer the case. Thanks to celebrity endorsements and a style makeover from well-known designers including Gucci and Cuyana, the fanny pack has been thrust into the fashion spotlight and is making a splash among travellers of every age.

Bullcaptain Fanny Pack

Style and practicality

For those who have yet to encounter a fanny pack, it’s a small bag that’s attached to our belt or comes with its own belt to secure around your waist. Because when you carry it, it closes to an intimate part of your body, which is safe enough to carry money and wallets, phones and cameras, room keys and even passports.

Bullcaptain Fanny Pack

The size and security the belt pouch provides, allows wearers to enjoy their city sight-seeing holiday and countryside hikes alike. It’s much less cumbersome than a backpack or shoulder bag. And even though there’s not enough room for larger items, such as a picnic or changes of clothing, it’s the perfect accessory for a day exploring somewhere new.

But that’s not all. Celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Beyonce have been spotted wearing fanny packs and that’s helped send the humble belt bag’s star into orbit.

Bullcaptain Fanny Pack

Where the rich and famous tread, others quickly follow and that’s why Bullcaptain has created a stylish Bullcaptain Fanny Pack that is just perfect for men and women to wear while on their travels.

Multi-functional accessory

The re-birth of the fanny pack – thanks to global fashion designers and often more wearable trends from smaller brands like Bullcaptain – means you can now enjoy a travel accessory that is multi-functional.

This new take on the personal travel bag means you can feel secure about your valuables while on vacation, but still look good and on trend at the same time.

When a useful item delivers on two fronts, it is hard to ignore. That’s why you should take a look at the fanny packs that are available now at Banggood and make a purchase without delay.

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