Charming and Warm Winter Boots

Face with winter women boots, many silhouette and colors, more ornate decoration, women are not a kind of no start feeling, it does not matter, the following is the most tide of several boots this season, for different styles of girls, you will always find the right style for you.


Compared to the fashionable style, boots personalized design allows the legs to produce more slim visual effects. The zipper ankle boots are characterized by the ankle can be wrapped around the bottom, the overall look will give a convenient lightweight feel, but also wrapped around the thick ankle. But for people with thick legs, this design of the shoes will be prominent shortcomings of your legs. Therefore, the thick calf girls try to avoid them. The most important thing is choose the stocking and leggings according to the colors of boots. Dark leggings will appear your slender legs.


Boots with a zipper, with a unique zipper design and boots mouth parts of the fold design to attract people’s attention. Especially soft leather unique soft touch is also very worth noting. Fur lining winter boots can match with a variety of pants, knee skirt, trousers can be with. For a city woman who goes out of the office every day, this kind of boots is a must-have. High sexy boots are probably the most charming style , but want to look nice, women also need to spend some time. When wearing this kind of boots should try to choose with pants, boots or choose more loose boots, otherwise it will make your thigh visual effects are also thicker.


Length of the boots had not been knee to be accompanied by translucent leggings, or with short skirts, shorts, so clever with a leg-shaped stretch can be very good to see. In the cold season of the office, the sweater is the most common wear, and just choose right boots, you can bring a balance for the heavy clothes effect, and elegant and handsome.

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