Clutch Bag Wearing Tips Inspired by Celebrities

When a new season comes, two things change – your accessories, assortments and your mood. After the cold season, it’s time to lighten up and brighten with punchy patterns, cool pastels, and shoes. When celebrities need the perfect clutch bags to complement their looks, they search for the best combinations that are classic and trendy. They seek a convenient range of colors, styles, and shapes or even customized ones. These tailor-made clutch bags have proven to work in both life and Instagram. Most of the red carpet regulars are seen with wholesale clutch bags at galas, parties or public appearances. Remember that with a wrong bag; even the loveliest dress can be ruined in a snap.

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In our daily life, celebrities wearing easily lead a new trend in fashion circle. Today, we will check out some of the celebrities who wear clutch bags in a fashionable way.

Kate Hudson in black maxi dress combined with Jean Bespoke acrylic clutch bag

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Naomie Harris wearing a Monse top and jean solid clutch

wholesale clutches

Alessandra Ambrosio in Baja East dress and Edie Parker Jean Bespoke acrylic clutch bag

wholesale clutches

Bella Hadid’s fold over clutch bag spotted at CFDA fashion awards

wholesale clutches

Clutch bag wearing tips inspired by celebrities:

1.Matching Shoes With Clutch Bags

While it looks like Duchess attending a formal event outfit, with exact matching colors in both clutch bag and shoes, this fashion is coming back. You can pick one hue from head to toe and you’ll get a very impactful look without lots of effort.

2.Matching your clothes with clutch bags

When combining your clothes with wholesale clutches, you should pay more attention to the color combination. Keep the same or similar tone in color will look more fashionable.

3.Keep shoes and clothes in a similar color

Kendal Jenner combined yellow outfit with a yellow clutch bag, which is also one of the pretty matches. The same color tone makes her look taller, completing a trendy look in a different way.

wholesale clutch bags


Matching clutch bags, accessories and heels will make coordinating your outfit simple and very trendy. The men are not left out on this trend. The perfect finishing touches will make a statement from these men’s clutch bag collection. They are the must-have accessory for every man that loves fashion. They exude a superior sense of style and class for both men and women. Contrast stripe pouch, signature document patch case, and color block wholesale clutch bags are a few examples trending currently.


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