How to Rock Dad Sneakers?

Dad sneakers are the shoes of the moment which takes back to twenty years ago when many trainers preferred a cartoon-like style. Many celebrities from Paris, London, New York, to Milan have been seen rocking with dad sneakers during various occasions. Formerly these shoes were reserved for dads as their weekend outfit. This trend was established a few months ago and stars like Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid are wearing them. Dad shoes are the new fashion shoes and if you love fashion this is for you.

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Tips on how to rock fashion shoes: Dad Sneakers

1. Girly Dress or Skirt with no Socks

Most ladies want to look girly most of the time and it is not easy to achieve it when you want to include dad sneakers in the outfit. Despite this challenge, you can still look girly and rock dad sneakers when you pair them with a feminine bottom such as a dress or skirt. For this outfit, you should consider skipping the socks for your legs to appear elongated.

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2.Dad Sneakers and Mom Jeans

This is a simple way to rock dad sneakers. It is simple as having two staples in your closet that and it will give you a great fashion experience. Pair your dad sneakers with high-waist mom jeans. The look is simple and requires less effort but it is stylish and can earn you lots of compliments.

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3. Hotpants

Some trendsetters like Mrs. West shocked the internet when they stepped out in dad sneakers and hot pants. Hot pants are no longer meant for aerobics sessions but for a stylish look. To rock the outfit you can top it up with a fanny pack and chunky jacket or sweater.

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4.Tube Socks

These socks come back to the spotlight together with chunky-soled shoes. To rock your dad sneakers pair them with designed tube shocks to achieve a stunning look.

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5.Small Socks and Bare Legs

Pairing dad sneakers with small socks and bare legs give one on-trend look like no other. An oversized jacket or sweater with bare legs will make it even more stylish and hot.

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Dad sneakers can match with any outfit. You can ditch the heeled shoes when going to the office and still look professional in dad sneakers. They are the comfiest and coolest sneakers when going for dates. Conversely, the only trick is to match it well with your outfit, for example, pairing them with mom jeans, tube socks, bare legs, hot pants, and girly dress depending on the occasion. For more fashion shoes, please check here.

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