Footwear Tips for Women in Summer

When it is summer time, women think it is easy to dress only to find out that it is very difficult to choose the right shoe, dress and even accessories. If you have been struggling with the right shoe to wear during summer, you will find this guide useful. There are many options and we will help you know how to choose, what to wear with them and much more. Whether it is a pair of hot sandals that you have spotted at a store or another shoe we will teach you how to wear it right.

Women’s flat flip-on shoesFlat slip-on shoes

These shoes are very comfortable and any woman looks great in them. Women’s flat flip-on shoes may not be as elegant as high-heeled shoes but they can look hip if worn right. Whether it is ballerina flats or loafers you need to get it right. Choose shoes that have padding for increased comfort. Also, ensure that you get the right size by actually wearing the shoe before paying for it. Wear ballet shoes with cute summer dresses and match loafers with trendy trousers and shorts and you will have your casual look polished.

Shake shoes

Shake sneakers shoes

When you want to get out there for a physically involving activity, you will want to have a comfortable pair of shoes on. Shake shoes are a great option. They are available in many styles and comfortable. When buying ensure that the body is made using a breathable material while the sole is comfortable with proper arching and the treads at the bottom offer good traction. These shoes will protect your feet from the summer heat and damage that open shoes expose the feet . The best part about wearing shake sneakers is that they can be worn with anything from dresses to trousers to shorts.

hot sandalsSandals and flip flops

Summer time means that you can enjoy feeling the air in your feet. What better way to feel this but by having a good pair of hot sandals of flip flops? But for the sandal to be of help it needs to be chosen carefully. There are many options ranging from the flats with few straps to trendy heeled sandals that have more straps. You can settle for any but ensure that it fits well. Also, opt for those that have straps made of natural material like leather as these will not result in blistering. Base the choice of sandals on the activity you intend to engage in. For water activities, you will need sandals that are water resistant and have good traction. For all day activities like travel, chores, walking and so on go for hot sandals that are comfortable and light weight. Heeled sandals can be a good option but for health purposes, it should limit the heel to 2 or 3 inches height.



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