High Fashion Item: Chest Rig Bags

Here are the best chest rig bag ideas in the market today;

Alyx brand

chest rig bag

It is not a struggle to say that had streetwear-meets-high-fashion, brand Alyx never existed which means that the current trend for military-inspired luggage may not have happened. This chest rig bag features a large pouch that is worn across the chest and fixed with very many straps which reach over the shoulders and around the back.


chest rig bag

The A-Cold-Wall is another one that takes the fashion world by storm. This is a harness bag that sits slightly below the chests and still gives that utilitarian look. This bag is the brand’s most stable and recognizable appearing throughout seasonal collections.


chest rig bag

The Ambush unique output soon saw its score commissions and how it expands from the likes of; Nike, off-white, undercover, and Louis Vuitton. Due to the wave of PVC tote bags that washed over the landscape, the label set headlines when it released an $88 paper version. It makes a slick-looking holster bag, featuring a small pouch to either side of the chest and over-the-shoulder straps.

Stone Island

chest rig bag

It’s a surprise that the Italian luxury sportswear label Stone island is always all about experimentation. Whether through boundary-pushing design, use of fabric, or is just a simple side bag. This only has one chest pack in its roster at the moment but with time, you would be surprised if the trend continues. Expect iconic compass branding, street cred, and a heavy military influence coming your way.


chest rig bag

If you want to get involved in this trend with a tight budget, this will be a little bit tricky. The High-street brands are for once a little late to the party which means that if you do not want to pay high-end prices, you will have to choose between two options; Etsy or Military surplus. If there are plenty of sellers on the vintage and custom platform, handmade, holsters, and pealing chest packs this can beat hitters on shame.

Louis Vuitton

chest rig bag

Virgil Abloh is one of the people this brand became new-high fashion paradigm. He never disappoints when it comes to bringing some interesting luggage on the horizon. Like the label’s harshness bags have been the talk of the town and it has rocked by some of the world’s biggest stars.


The chest rig brand ideas mentioned above are some of the best and are worth to buy. You can choose one or more at an affordable rate. You can buy good on banggood – the global leading online shop – and we will deliver to your location.

High Fashion Item: Chest Rig Bags
Article Name
High Fashion Item: Chest Rig Bags
chest rig bags are certainly trendy today. This bag features a large pouch that is worn across the chest and fixed with very many straps which reach over the shoulders and around the back.

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