How Does Kendall Jenner Rock A Fanny Pack?

Fashion keeps changing over time. Fanny packs came on the limelight over the spring and summer of 2017. These packs provide hands-free carry-all by allowing people to wear them as shoulder bags, around their waists, or as cross-bodies. Top designers tried to make fanny packs cool by wearing them on runways at Moncler, Vionnet, and Emporio. A belly fanny pack is more versatile than a throwback piece.

belly fanny pack

Fashion designer and model, Kendall Jenner, has been spotted wearing and rocking the belly fanny pack at various instances. She aims to make the fanny pack popular again. She has successfully rocked different designer fanny packs from Louis Vuitton. She wore a belly fanny pack around her waist while in a sheer printed top and denim cutoffs. At one instance, she stepped out of a New York City shopping excursion when wearing a gray romper and a belly fanny pack from Louis Vuitton, over her waist. Her sense of style portrayed a touch of fashion that made the fanny pack look awesome and trendy. Kendall also slangs a fanny pack over her shoulder as she took a walk at night with her friends. Finally, she converted the bag into a cross-body while heading to the gym in Adidas leggings. Kendell demonstrates you can rock the belly fanny pack without minding what one has worn.

belly fanny pack

Kendell Jenner’s style for wearing the fanny pack is an inspirational move that will bring the bag back to fashion. Kendell offers some tips on rocking the fanny pack as an efficient choice for a day of hands-free retail therapy. The fanny pack can be worn with rompers and strapped across the waist to provide a hands-free experience. You can rock it with plain jeans and a light top with the fanny pack strapped across the shoulders. Adidas leggings are an efficient combo to rocking the fanny pack and displaying a classy look.

belly fanny pack

The fanny pack is bound to come back as an ideal fashion design that offers a hands-free experience as compared to throwback pieces. Everyone opts to keep their hands free from their bags, an essence provided by the fanny pack. Jenner’s attempts to reignite the fanny pack will see to it that the fashion design trends once more. A classy outlook accompanies the fanny pack as it can accompany various wears. Kendell Jenner’s sense of fashion is an inspirational stance to making the fanny pack popular once again. For more fanny packs, please go to Banggood.

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