How to Rock Your Retro Shoes in 2018?

Whenever we take a step back into history and have a look at the way style has evolved throughout the years, we can always find traces of repetition. We have seen time and time again; different trends die out only to come back after years or decades recycled to look fresh again. This counts for hairstyle and especially clothing. The new wave that can be seen now is in the retro shoes. Lately, a lot of people have started rocking the Socofy shoes, which have been known to exist up to 1000 years ago. The key to pulling off retro shoes in this day and age is to understand how to wear them.

socofy shoes

Tips On Wearing Retro Shoes

Some of these simple tips can take you a long way to looking a lot more fashionable.

Don’t match your retro shoes with vintage attire. You don’t want to step out of the house looking like you just came out of a 60s movie. If you’re going to rock the retro shoes, make sure you’re not wearing any other retro clothing with it, or at least try and keep it as subtle as possible. For example, Taylor Swift always has a good try by combining a dress with retro shoes and accessories her look with a retro headpiece to finish her stylish look.,

socofy shoes

Wear something that puts focus on your retro shoes. The point of wearing the shoes is to have people gravitate towards the style that the shoes bring to the table. You don’t want to mask that by wearing anything that would attention away from them. If you’re wearing your retro shoes, wear them with something that will them stand out. For example, combing your jeans and blouse or wearing a shirt dress with a slim belt can be a wonderful try for you.

socofy shoes

Match your retro shoes with your hair and makeup. One way to make your retro shoes stand out is to make sure they go hand in with the makeup you’re wearing and your hair color if you’re the contemporary kind. For example getting, shining yellow retro shoes might be the best choice for you if you’re a blonde.

socofy shoes

How Celebrities Rock The Retro Shoes?

Different celebrities come up with various styles of wearing retro shoes over time, and each can work for you. Bella Hadid can be found rocking her shoes with a baby tee and pinstripe trousers. A star like Rita Ora rocks her retro shoes in a classy way with a midi dress. Celebrity model Kendal Jenner keeps it simple by rocking out in a simple tee and jeans.

socofy shoes

To conclude, ultimately the key to wearing retro shoes will place a huge factor in your wardrobe. But by having a look at what you like to wear, and what style works for you, you can mesh it up with our tips until you find a look that will be perfect for you.



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