How To Maintain a PU Leather Bag?

Bags mean so much to women as it is a complement to their dressing. It is not surprising to see them have different types of bags in their wardrobes ranging from faux leather to synthetic leather. Women PU leather bags are widely used than any other type in terms of material and this is due to the fact that it is easier to clean and maintain.

Punk Style Shoulder Bag

Women PU leather handbag is a material made by human beings, with 2 layers: bottom leather layer and Polyurethane (PU) surface. Since Polyurethane can have an extremely smooth and flexible finish, it is ideal when resembling leather. Faux leather, the group to which PU leather belongs is cheaper to purchase than synthetic leather and this another reason it used in the making of women leather bags. There are many women bags which are made from PU leather. For example, Punk Style Shoulder Bag and Womens Purse Handbag are typical and preferred by women.

Womens Purse Handbag

What exactly does PU leather represent?

It is important we understand what PU means and its components as this would deepen our understanding of how to maintain our bags. PU means Polyurethane and it is extremely smooth and flexible. It is usually light and easy to carry perhaps that is the reason it is used in the manufacture of most women leather bags and women cell phone bags.

Furthermore, its simplicity, flexibility, and material make it easy to clean as not so much drama or preparation is needed to clean any women PU leather bag or the women cell phone bag.

It is of extreme importance that woman leather bags are maintained and well cleaned from time to time. Listed and explained below are simple ways of maintaining women leather bags especially the women PU leather bag.

Women Leather Bag

What is Needed to Clean women PU leather bag?

  1. Warm water
  2. Clean clothing material
  3. Soap


  1. Soak the clothing material in warm water that already has soap dissolved in it. Detergents are better used than bar soaps
  2. Clean gently except oil is noticed or some tough stains. If there are tough stains that the soft cloth cannot get out, consider getting a sponge.
  3. Wipe dry after washing. Ensure you leave droplet of water after clean hence a piece of dry cloth would do the magic of drying and draining all drops of water after washing the bag.

Women Cell Phone Bag

It is important to do the following always as a way of maintaining any women cell bag or women leather handbag :

  1. Always empty your bags leaving no consumable in it
  2. Ensure you clean regularly rather wait till it is dirty
  3. Ensure you leave no soap after cleaning
  4. Use unscented soap to clean the surface

Women PU leather bags are recommended by fashion enthusiasts because it is easy to clean

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