New Arrivals of Women Bags

It is said that you can judge the type of man before you by the shoes he wears. It is also irrevocably true that you can judge the type of woman before you by the bag that she carries. This is the reason that women go all out and spend tens of dollars on just about the right bag that will match with their shoe collection, which could only mean that a woman can possess as many bags as the shoes that she owns.There are many types of bags that a fashion-savvy woman should have in their wardrobe, right from Double Shoulder bags, to Leather Bucket bags, not forgetting the Fur Ball handbags. A bag is a fashion accessory that can either put the whole outfit for the day appear well-put-together or make it tacky and imprecise.

Double Shoulder Bag

The latest must-have bags in your wardrobe collection

Double Shoulder Bag

The bag comes in two colors, that is Wine-Red and Black. Its weight is a mere 500grams, which makes it really light on your shoulders. It has two Shoulder-strands that are easy to adjust to fit your shoulders neatly, and it has a dimension of 11.81” by11.81” by 5.12” In Length, Height and Width respectively, Making it just the right size to fit your glossy magazines and tablets or iPads into it. Its closure is a zipper with a pendant hanging from it. Its inside has three pockets: the main pocket, Phone pocket and Zipper pocket that you can throw in your credit cards and a lip balm while on the go.

Double Shoulder Bag

Leather Bucket Bag

A Leather Bucket Bag to die for is the Brenice Women Retro Genuine Leather Handbag, which is Hand-embossed with a Craft flower. It comes in a coffee color, with detachable and adjustable shoulder straps. It weighs a mere 400 grams and has a dimension if 6.89” by 6.69” by 3.94” in Length, Height, and Width respectively. It is genuine leather and has a zipper enclosure with the main pocket, two zipper pockets, one card pocket and one interior compartment.

leather bucket bag

Fur Ball Handbags

For the Fur Handbag, go for a leisurely Crossbody brand. It comes in Yellow, Black, Gray and purple. It has a main pocket and a zipper pocket. It weighs a mere 700grams and measures 9.45” Length, 9.06” Height and 5.12” and it is pretty solid in color. The closure is all zipper.

Fur Ball Handbags


For the fashionable girl-on-the-move, you can never go wrong with a Double-Shoulder Bag, a Leather Bucket Bag, or a Fur Ball Handbag. They are also pocket-friendly and assures you of hassle-free.


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