How to Pair a Dress With Sneakers in Summer?

Long gone are the days when sneakers used to be a specific item for training purposes or to be worn with a pair of jeans only. The changing fashion trend has seen the comeback of sneakers as an all-round pair of shoes perfect for different functions and great with any type of clothing including dresses. Even so, not knowing what to wear with different items can make you trend for all the wrong reasons. This is why even if sneakers are easy to wear; they still need some level of style to look great. Even though most people still wear sandals and open shoes during summer, sneakers such as breathable mesh shoes can provide a great change and still make the person wearing them comfortable.

breathable mesh shoesAs it is with shorts and miniskirts, flower breathable mesh shoes can also be a great addition to dresses, especially during summer. One of the factors that should determine how you assemble the items should be color. Although matching bold colors can lead to great results, it’s also okay to wear neutral colors such as white on white. If the dress is of bold color, consider putting sneakers that are patterned with at least a shade of the same color of your dress.

breathable mesh shoesAnother factor should be the type of dress including the size. Dresses with longer hemlines tend to go well with sneakers with high designs whereas sneakers that have the tennis shoe design can be perfect with fancy dresses. Colorful shoes go well with colorful dresses while maxi dresses are more suitable when paired with converse sneakers. When it comes to formal dresses, any sneaker design is suitable so long as you don’t use very clashing colors.

Breathable Mesh ShoesBreathable mesh sneakers are designed in a great way that allows maximum airflow to the feet thereby preventing unnecessary sweating. This is a very important aspect because of the heat usually associated with the season. With the utmost convenience of being suitable for a variety of dresses and occasions, these sneakers also have enhanced comfort, especially around the soles ensuring you can stay in them a whole day without your feet hurting. Just wear your dress choice for the say with good looking mesh sneakers and you’re good to go to your event even if it just works.

flower breathable mesh shoes

Flower breathable mesh sneakers provide the needed comfort but look more fun. These are suitable for casual occasions and are a great pair when worn with floral or bright dresses. Other than versatility, another advantage of sneakers is the fact that you can walk around all day in them and your feet won’t hurt. This makes them the perfect choice for jobs that require standing long hours or walking frequently.

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