The Trends of Women Sandals In 2018

Its almost summer and you all know sandals are the best shoes for summer. Do not look further for any other shoes apart from sandals this coming summer and you will not be disappointed. To help you decide on which sandals to wear this summer we have a few varieties that can you can choose from:

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1. Platform Wedge Thong Sandals-It was mainly in the old days but they recently made a major comeback. They are classy and very popular. They basically allow women be taller and have a visible leg shape comfortably in a casual way. It is always a great combination with the platform design.

3. Flat Lace Up Sandals- They are a reflection of the bohemian style with an elegant dress. The best should provide comfort and also look stylish. Multi-Colored sandals can meet the expectations, with a nice color for the summer.

wholesale shoes3. Gladiator Sandals-They has been popular for quite a while now and they are available in wholesale shoes shops. They are super cool and special because they show an attitude with the one wearing. The shape and style are for mainly attention getters. They add style to a simple outfit like a plain dress or a baggy t-shirt.

wholesale shoes4. Slides or flip flops-In the old days they were known as the ”ugly shoe trend” but it had a major comeback and has been a big trend for a couple of years now. Most people have them now from Nike to Gucci to Fendi. They are comfortable and can be matched with any outfit from dresses, jeans, skirts and also a pair of shorts.

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5.Block Heel Sandals- Recently the block heel sandals have become a sensation and not disappearing anytime soon. They are very comfortable and go with everything from dresses to jeans to skirts to shorts. They are currently in many stores and also have a new detail that has it curved at the front.

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6. Espadrilles- They come in many color and patterns and are comfortable shoes for window shopping. They have different styles from floral to geometric patterns.

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There are many ways to incorporate the sandals in the summer it all just depends on the kind of outfit you want to dress and find the right pair of sandals. Always start with the basics and find the ones that fit your lifestyle and you will never be disappointed. Sandals are always popular and many people prefer sandals to other wholesale shoes this is because of their simplicity.


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