Sock Boots: You’re Going to Love This New Trend!

A pair of boots or a pair of socks? For some people, it is hard to find out which one is the correct answer, but the fact is: sock boots combine both items in just one, and it is a trend this year! Also known as stocking boot, it is made of a material that imitates sock and, therefore, is very tight.

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The piece adapts to different types of legs, from thin to thick, and goes from ankle boot to over the knee. With a simple shape, sock boots can be used on many occasions, you can decide when and where you are going to wear. It is worth to wear them in the office look matching with blazers, but they are also good to wear when going to a party matching them with nice T-shirts, blouses, and skirts.

A lot of celebrities have already appeared wearing the new trend, as the sisters Kim and Khloé Kardashian and Rihanna. In Brazil, one of the most famous Brazilian singers nowadays, Anita recorded one of her better-known videoclips wearing purple sock boots.

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How can I choose sock boots?

Boots are the sovereigns of all winters and one of the favorite women shoes! This year, sock boots will be the one you want when you need something comfortable, stylish and different in your feet. But to choose the correct boots for you, you have to consider some things and the color is the first one.

One of the colors that we could see a lot this winter and it is worth investing with no fears is red! This color promises to warm the cold days and evidence your style and good taste. The runways bet on red, from clothes to wholesale shoes. The monochromatic looks attract women and make women much more elegant.

The neutral tones aren’t out of this hot trend! In black, sock boots also catch eyes to the casual color that perfectly adjusts to the leg and gives you a really modern look.

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How can I wear sock boots?

It is easy to combine this accessory with your clothes. You can match it with neutral pieces like white, black, nude or even dare and invest in colorblock combinations, as red + pink. It is also possible to combine sock boots with checked pieces of clothes, and then you can have a style composed of different lines and several colors, but the classic is red.

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But the main hint is: notice if the sock is not too tight, which can annoy you and create a weird effect on your legs and feet.

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Although the new trend shares opinions, like any new trend shares, sock boots are loved or hated at the beginning, but we can’t deny that these super colorful shoes increase any look. The model is very democratic, it came to please anyone who likes sneakers, high heels, low or long boots, and that’s why we can see sock boots winning the streets, especially in the big cities.

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