Summer Sandals for Your Weekends

Hot summer comes! After during busy works in a week, what will you do on your weekend? A number of girls maybe choose to go to the beach and enjoy cool breeze of the sea, and some girls (just like me) want to stay at home or go shopping with friends. Throwing away those high-heel shoes and formal clothes, you can release yourselves. In other words, selecting a pair of suitable shoes for your weekend is very important. Now, I will recommend you two types of women shoes.

women shoes1

women shoes2

Summer Casual Sandals Fish Mouth Sandals Shook Platform Sandals

If you want to stay at home and go shopping with your friends, I can assure you these fish mouth casual sandals will meet your need. These sandals are made of cow split and rubbers, your feet will get the great feeling of comfort. Although these sandals do not match with lovely dress, they can bring some younger vitality for you. It is also a great option to wear them in the gym.

Summer Casual Platform Sandals1Summer Casual Platform Sandals2

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Bohemia Agate Diamond Beads Sandals Flowers Shape Splice Sandals

It is amazing that when you are lying on the beach with a beautiful dress and a pair of beach sandals. From the picture, you can see the sandals are full of Bohemia style and have many gorgeous decorations. The leather sole will make your feet feel very comfortable. With these sandals, you can get totally relaxed and release.

women shoes3women shoes4Bohemia Agate Beads Sandals

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