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Top Shoe Wearing in Summer, Classical One-Strap Sandals

Coco Chanel has ever said that, for every woman, you must have a pair of mini black dresses in your wardrobe. Maybe when you are young, you just love wear different kinds of sharp and colorful wearing

They Are Exactly Fashion Shoes In This Summer!

It is supposed to be that there is not few people love following the latest fashion trend regularly even every day, the same as me. The most pleasing thing, from my point of views, is to appreciate

Special Snap Collections of Best Summer Shoes

There is no more exciting thing than putting on light and cool summer clothes. What’s more, you will be unable to hold yourself back to getting on different kinds of spring and summer shoes. In this time,

Wings on Feet, Feather Shoes Are in Vogue

In the heated discussion, people have expressed their own point of views on the topic, what kind of shoes should wear in our everyday life. As far as I’m concerned, there is no doubt that practical shoes

Stars’ Favorites in 2015 Summer, Lace-up Gladiator Sandals

Summer is a good time for beautiful ladies to wear sandals and people wear different kinds of fashion sandals when it comes to summer. Sandals have such a close relation with summer time. To some extent, they