The Fashion Alternative of Handbag: Women’s Leather Backpack

In the modern time, the woman has now resulted to leather backpacks as opposed to the traditional handbag. They are not only functional but have become a fashionable item that no lady should lack. Having one is like having a hands-free purse. Bye bye shoulder pains! Handbags exert pressure, on one hand, making one occasionally change hands which is frankly annoying. Unlike handbags, vintage backpacks come with a couple of pockets and pouches which ensure your items are well organized and easily accessible. They go with almost anything as they come in neutral colors and a variety of prints. They are also more durable as they are made from leather.

vintage backpacks

Not only are backpacks functional but also trendy! They were the rage back in the late 90’s and they seem to be making a comeback. Vintage backpacks tend to give women an edgy, retro look and celebrities, in particular, seem to love them. Fashion trendsetters like Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing leather backpacks as opposed to handbags while Brooke Bobby, the fashion writer for vogue wrote she wears her backpack (Prada Valda) almost daily.

vintage backpacks

Despite the old age notion that backpacks are for scholars, fashion companies like Prada and Louis Vuitton have started designing fashionable backpacks for women, some of which double up as handbags to help ease the transition from handbags. Vintage backpacks tend to go well with leather jackets and ray bans, for the James Bond look. To rock a backpack, one should not shy away from trying out different prints and colors. Trying out different materials to see which one fits best with your style is also advised. For the career woman, it is best to try out a leather backpack with dark and dull colors to complement the official look, while artsy and carefree women are allowed to try bright colors with beautiful prints like tiger prints.

vintage backpacks

While it is true that handbags give a touch of elegance, vintage backpacks are taking over the world. Women are tired of constantly having their hands full and having to change bags with each outfit. They are not only looking for trendy bags but also something that is functional and can carry all their items and accessories. With the leather vintage backpack coming back into play, half of a woman’s problems will be solved! Wouldn’t it be amazing to grab a cup of coffee without having to wonder which hand to free and what to let go? For more leather backpacks for women, please go to Banggood.

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