The Guide to Choose a Backpack for Commuting Use

Heading to work and you want to carry your paraphernalia in style? Then what you need is a backpack. As an office lady, commuting to work with a backpack not only screams bold but also has you looking trendy. One good thing about carrying them is that you can comfortably hang around the train station, wait for the bus for a while or just walk around the city, without feeling like one side of your body carries all the weight.vintage backpacks

So how do you choose a suitable backpack for commuting and which one is best for you? There are some of the things that you should take into account:

  1. Weight: Don’t go for a heavy bag. The items you carry to work are probably bulky enough, why do you want to hurt your back?
  2. Color: You may love flashy and bright colors, but as an office lady, try to stick to neutral and plain colors and make the color the backpack well ordinatewith your outfits
  3. Size: When going to work, you probably carry your laptop, tablet, a few books and writing material. Buy a big vintage backpack if you carry your laptop daily. Commuting can be overwhelming at times, and you don’t want to buy a small bag that will have your gadgets damaged or exposed.
  4. Design: Going to the office doesn’t mean that the bag you carry has to be bland. Examine how the interior and exterior of the bag are made. Look at the compartments and see how the items you carry daily will fit.

vintage backpacks

Since you now know what to keep in mind when going to buy vintage backpacks, I will share with you three backpacks that are suitable for women when working. The following bags are just what you need, as they will help you work effectively, and will match well with your office outfits.

  1. The PU Leather Vintage Women Backpack: You will absolutely love this gorgeous bag. It comes in khaki, blue, beige, black and brown colors. Aren’t these colors office friendly? Carry one these PU Leather vintage backpacks for a modest look.

vintage backpacks

  1. Vintage Cow Split Leather Backpack: You can match your yellow, black, light grey or green stilettos with this backpack as it comes in the mentioned colors. This Cow Split backpack will also complement your black skirt or grey pair of pants. The bag is also waterproof, meaning that no matter the weather, whatever you carry will never be destroyed.

vintage backpacks

  1. Women PU Leather Backpack: This cute girly black backpack is a must if you commute to work. Black goes with everything and you will definitely love it’s simple but classy features. This bag could even replace your favorite handbag, as it has so much more to offer. You will never feel odd having it on your back no matter what outfit you rock.

vintage backpacks

While carrying your backpack stay elegant and neat as you take your shuttle to work. Backpacks are comfortable on the body, and you can easily operate your phone or read a book when you have them on.



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