The Invasion of Chinese Style in Fashion

In the long history of China, various dynasties of Chinese clothing have different customs, five thousand years of Chinese civilization gave birth to a unique style. Clothing culture is an important component of human culture. With the new shape of the emerging public appearance, the Chinese first lady’s fashion sense has been widespread concern, small waist white suit, take the emerald green knee-length dress, embroidered very fine gloss, first lady temperament and China traditional dress is very consistent.

Chinese style shoes

Long life in the bustling city, modern women should let the soul relax in the pure land and find a peaceful area for themselves. For many people it is difficult to achieve this thing. As a new generation of Chinese style clothes, use silk cotton as the main material, people wear no clothes and shackles tassel loafer and enjoy life the brand has been upholding the spirit. At the same time, advocated by tea culture, however, does not refer to any right and wrong, but a life of worldly pursuits. The natural of Zen is simple, relaxed silhouette for the tone, with soft colors and elegant, showing a female dignified side.

Chinese style shoes

This season, Chinese style clothing is not only go out of fashion, but walked more mature pace toward us, cheongsam, Chinese style embroidered loafer, Han Chinese embroidered shoes. These elements onto the international stage which show only part of the east beautiful culture, and style diversification, to meet a variety of styles of fashion women. Chinese style clothes are natural skin-friendly, cotton is soft and breathable. Chinese contours and round metal buckle exquisite simplicity to figure out just right.

Chinese style shoes

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