Trendy Footwear Ideas for Summer 2021

Summer is still a few months away and we are so excited to have all the new summer vibes in the form of all the great summer fashion retailers have to offer. Summer shoes are supposed to give air to the feet and toes in the form of sandals, peek heels and other open shoes.
Unlike other times of the year when you have to worry about cold temperatures, summer offers some great shoe options to choose from. Some of these great shoe choices are sure to inspire you to reform your summer shoe collection. So this weekend, plan a fun trip to the shoe store and get your hands on one of these amazing shoes to kick off the summer. Discover and enjoy!


1. Metallic

After the metallic jacket and accessories there is a transition to metallic shoes. While the trend is in the form of sneakers, the latest craze is associated with sandals and metallic slides. You can go for a casual street style or wear it to make a style statement. The shiny shoes are available in gold, silver and bronze and are suitable for both day and night. Metallic sandals can look good with denim jeans and a basic T-shirt as well as with a simple floral dress.


2. Beach sandals

We most look forward to summer for endless trips to the beach. An important part of a beach wardrobe is choosing the right sandals. It is important to keep your feet cool and comfortable in the sun. While flip-flops are most often worn on the beach, sandals are great too. This pair of black sandals features a huge seashell that is exactly what we needed for our next beach trip. Sandals can be paired with dresses, bikinis, or even skirts.


3. Fur Slides

Faux fur slides have dominated the fashion market for a long time. Along with style, shoes offer some comfort to the feet. These shoes offer a very chic and cool summer vibe, ideal for a casual look. These fur slides is easier to style with a variety of outfits from jeans to dresses as seen by a number of celebrities. The slip-on and rubber sole style make this pair very comfortable.


4. Lace-up Sandals

These tan colored sandals are sophisticated, but tasteful. They can be combined with any summer dress or skirt. With a neutral color, it can be combined with a bold colored outfit.


5. Sneakers

The sneakers are most comfortable when you want to take a walk outdoors. They are our best travel companion and we couldn’t do without a great pair of sneakers. The sneakers cannot be taken off in the summer because they can be worn all year round.


6. Lace-up Boots

Who says boots can’t be worn in summer? The lacey part leaves enough room for air, while the buckle ensures a secure grip of the boots. The bold bright pink color is ideal for a style statement.


7. Socofy shoes

This particular pair is our favorite for their incredible use of color. Socofy shoes are great for summer and can look great with colorful outfits. These shoes can certainly shift the focus from boring-looking clothes to your feet. We love how charming the ankles are intricate with the styles and colors of the shoes and we can definitely pair them with ours.

Socofy shoes


The footwear ideas we have provided you with in this article have been carefully chosen by experts and they are sure to make you looking hot this summer. You can purchase these footwear on Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

Trendy Footwear Ideas for Summer 2021
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Trendy Footwear Ideas for Summer 2021
Summer is upon is and we have taken our time to list footwear ideas that is perfect for you. Read this article to discover the best shoes for you.

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