How to Wear High Heel Without Hurting Your Feet ?

It is not easy to walk on Stilettos even if they are of the right size. Every media highlighted the moment where Kristeen Stewart stopped on the red carpet and removed her stilettos during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. She then carried them up the steps barefooted and this surprised many people. Some people started speculating that she could be uncomfortable walking with the high heel shoes while others said that she was feeling some pain. You can avoid such a situation if you know how to wear high heel shoes without hurting your feet.

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How to wear high heel without hurting

Buying shoes of the right size

Before you purchase high heel shoes from wholesale shoes providers, ensure that the length and width of your feet are measured. These measurements are important when choosing the right shoes. If you have high heel shoes which are slightly smaller than your feet, you will start feeling pain after walking for a short distance. Pain can make you uncomfortable and you can get bruises on your toes.

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Choose shoes with thicker heels

High heel shoes with thicker heels tend to be strong and you won’t feel any pressure in the middle of your foot. Such shoes are suitable for people who wear stilettoes every day when going to their workplace. Thin heeled stilettos usually make your foot to wobble around and you will feel much of your weight on your toes thus making you uncomfortable.

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Take breaks

You should also take breaks if you have to walk for a long distance using high heels. This will reduce the pressure exerted on your toes which can cause severe pain. Remove your shoes when you reach the office to make them pressure free. You can also consider having a second pair of flat shoes in your office which you can use when you are in your office.

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Stretch your feet after walking

The first thing you should do when you reach your house or office is to remove your high heel shoes. After removing the shoes, you should stretch your calf muscles and the Achilles’ tendon. Always target the ankle and the toes since they get most pressure when you are walking.

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Apply oil after walking

You can apply eucalyptus or olive oil on your ankles and toes after removing your shoes. This will relieve pain and it will prevent the affected areas from blisters. The oil will also prevent skin from becoming rough in areas that have had a lot of friction when you were walking.

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Using shoe inserts

There are over-the-counter products known as metatarsal which can protect your foot. They will help your feet to remain steady in the shoes and prevent sliding forward and exerting pressure on the toes. This reduces friction between your feet and the sole hence protecting you from blisters and pain. Most of these products are made up of silicone gel which absorbs any moisture or sweat that can make your feet slide in the shoes. It also prevents the shoes from smelling if you have smelling feet.

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Wearing high heel shoes comes with some problems such as pain due to friction and weight of your body. You have read some of the ways to prevent pain when wearing high heel shoes and always keep them in practice to feel comfortable.


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