What is c string thong?

It is time to say goodbye to embarrassing panty lines. unattractive tan lines, and uncomfortable waist bands with this incredible Strapless Thong.

c string thong
What is a C string thong?
The C string thong  is a completely new and exciting innovation in lingerie, according to the company. It gets its name from the shape, and it’s meant to fit snugly over your lady bits with a bit of wire keeping it in place from behind. It’s basically invisible underwear, for women who are really, really terrified of panty lines.
And don’t think that these are meant only for women! There’s a men’s version as well, but they have more room in the front.

At Banggood.com you can get the C-string in an array of colors and designs. They have lace, polka dots and shiny lamé.

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