Where are socofy shoes made?

Socofy shoes enjoys a rapid growth in sales, globally. The company’s slogan is ‘so comfy and fashion’, meaning that it’s a brand that wishes to fulfill the integration of being fashionable and comfortable when it comes to women’s shoes. If you are the type of woman who thinks that it’s impossible to stay beautiful and comfortable at the same time, I would recommend that you try socofy shoes, and guarantee you that they will blow you away. So, let’s look at the characteristics of socofy shoes. To show the company’s willingness to ensure that the customers are happy and comfortable, it made the soft and skid-proof soles for shoes. So, every time women wear socofy’s shoes, they will feel comfortable all the time and will never fell being tortured.


Where are socofy shoes made?

The second characteristics is that the genuine leather will leave your feet more bouncy space, which will give the customers a super free wearing experience. The leather used to make these shoes is of high quality and is so durable and will remain looking new for a long time. The shoes are cost-effective, which is proved to be true by many positive reviews on the internet. The third characteristic is the shoes’ retro style. Believing that retro style is fashionable, the company spares no effort when it comes to the creative aspect.

Where are socofy shoes made?

This is a very good question. So, given all you’ve heard about these beauties, I know that you would like to know where these shoes are made. So, here it is, the company that makes these shoes – Socofy – is based in China. The company practices the exquisite Chinese handmade processes with a history of over 1000 years.

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