Women Wallet Talk

Wallet is not only one of the necessities of our daily but also the decoration of our clothing. We women are try every means to make themselves look amazingly beautiful. Of course, there is no doubt that wallet must be an important accessory for women to refresh themselves. So let me talk something about women wallet to share some tips about wallet.

  1. Long wallet

Long wallet is a wonderfully functional one. Most of long wallets are equipped with several card slots for your all kinds of card and adequate space for your money and change so it is very convenient for you. Some long wallets have a strap for you so clutching it in your hand or putting it in your handbag is OK. As for choosing tips of long wallet, you have to take your wearing, age and its usage into consideration. For example, if your age is about 25 years old, an elegant long wallet may be better to show your women charm while if you are about 20, a love cat wallet may be good for you. But at last nothing is important than your preference.

love cat wallet

  1. Short wallet

Short wallet is the most classic one which is very suitable for women who are mature and elegant. This kind of wallet can satisfy your basic need of accommodation for your card and money but if you have about ten cards, maybe you need a card holder. As for choosing tips, I think fabric, design and quality are the important factors that you should take into account. A short wallet with high-end fabric and elegant design maybe the perfect for you.

  1. Card holder

Card holder is the product of modern society. With the emerge of credit cards, VIP cards and others, card holders are invented for need and convenience. Some card holder is not only for the accommodation of cards but also for the mobile phone. For example, Women Tassel Card Holder is wonderful one for cards and mobile phone which is so slim that you can put it in your small handbag for convenient use. Some card holders look like a notebook which is very suitable for someone who have many cards to store. As for choosing tips of card holders, accommodation is the most important factor that you should take into consideration.

Women Tassel Card Holder

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